I have this light on my desk at work and use it at full strength for 30 minutes in the morning, and sometimes at 10% or 20% strength for a bit later in the day. I live up north where there’s no daylight in the middle of winter. This light has totally changed my life. But I think it would have even if we had more sun, and I’m going to continue using it throughout the year.

I was so tired and low on energy before I got this, increasing my coffee intake little by little, and it wasn’t helping. This light resets your body clock. I can feel it happening immediately. Suddenly I’m awake and completely “on it” and feeling clear and attentive at 8AM. That is NOT typical for me. And I get tired at the appropriate time at night. I have real, normal energy, not like nervous caffeine energy. I’ve been getting a ton of work done, on the job and at home since I got this about 3 weeks ago.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough. Its small, and portable. Its also the cheapest light on here, and I really don’t know what the other lights can do that would be better. This thing is very bright, and its that blue spectrum light that causes the brain reactions that you want to achieve. You can program it for a time and intensity, or just manually set it. The casing is a little flimsy–the stand broke after just a couple weeks for no reason, but I put a piece of tape on it and its fine.

Cherwell Fink, Vermont.

I was a little unsure about the benefit of light therapy. So, rather than plunking down a lot of money at first, I decided to try a smaller cheaper light. I knew it was a risk, and that I may not be giving light therapy a fair chance going this route, as a cheaper light might just not be providing the spectrum and intensity needed to get the full impact. However, I have had my light now for about 2 months and I am now a full believer in light therapy. I have always had issues with feeling lethargic, gaining weight and having an overall feeling of mild depression once the winter months start to set in (my usual onset begins in about October). Since using this light I have seen a huge difference in my energy level (and by extension no weight gain like I usually see at this time of year), my sleeping patterns (not difficult to get up in the morning anymore), and my mood. I use the light 5 to 7 days a week, for about 45 – 60 minutes in the morning. During the work week, I use it at my desk at work when I first get in (which is around 6:30am, and I have been up for about 1.5 hours by then). On the weekends I usually have it on by my laptop when I get up around 7 – 7:30am. Considering how cheap this light is compared to others I am amazed at how well it seems to work for me. Not to mention, the size is fantastic (lightweight and extremely portable – it fits right in my laptop bag). I may buy a second, more expensive light for comparison, and so I can keep one at home and one at work. But, if you are looking for an entry level light to see if light therapy might work for you…this one is an excellent place to start.

Babs McKenna, Grande Forks.